Senior Stylists

You’ll be styling for various photo shoots and working close with models, designers and photographer. We are looking for a versatile, responsible and energetic person for this positions. Previous experience is must. Please Forward your work and folios to

Art Directors

You’ll be designing sets for various photo shoots, shows and events. As an art director, you need to closely communicate and understand the concept for the shoot. Previous experience is a must and should be willing to work with tight budgets. If you think you are the one we are looking for, please forward your work and folios to

Styling interns

If you are interested in styling and looking for some experience, this is your chance to work with some our shoots. You’ll be working along with senior stylists, make-up artists, designers and photographers. Your nature of job will be facilitating and assisting towards wardrobe and styling requirements for shows and shoots. Forward your resume and work portfolio to

Modeling interns

If you are an aspiring model and wish to take up modeling as a profession, this is your chance to work with us and build a outstanding portfolio. We are looking for aspiring, hard working, versatile models. Please forward your portfolios to

Shoot Assistants

A good successful shoot always needs a great crew. We are looking for hardworking, energetic individuals who are good learners. Knowledge of cameras and lights needed. As shoot assistant you’ll be playing a major role carrying out various important operations involved in the shoot. You’ll be working very closely with Designers, Photographers, Models, Stylists and Art Directors. Communication and understanding is the essential part of the job. Need to work in long-shifts is a must. If you are serious about this position, please forward your resumes to


If you wish do blog posts on our website please contact us for more details. We’ll provide you a platform and a good set of readers.

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