Nina Jade

Nina Jade is a 19 year old model living in NYC. She grew up in Greenwich, a small town just outside Saratoga Springs NY. An hour from New Yorks capital Albany. Ever since a young age Nina has always presented her love in front of the camera, posing in the corner by herself in every family photo. Her parents let her do a few small gigs when she was younger but wanted her to grow up and see if for herself if this is what she really wanted. At 16 for her Christmas present she set up her first photo shoot with a local photographer, and hasn’t looked back since. Now trying to make a different in the modeling world as a petite model, Nina’s goal is to be an successful petite model for others. You can see her on the cover of Supermodels Unlimited, and other magazines such as FCM, 57 shutter, LOOK, and many more, keep your eyes out for her in the acting.


Waist: 24

Hip: 34

Height: 5’3″

Shoe size: 7

Skin: Tanned

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Hazel



  1. James W Bartley says:

    I have been internet ‘friends’ with Nina for over a year now and I watch with awe and amazement as her career grows. As a photographer I have wanted to shoot Nina from quite sometime but distance precludes me from doing so. I hope that someday she will have a reason to travel to the mid-west.

  2. Nageeshwar says:

    this girl’s mind blowing though her heights a lil less…. 🙂

  3. thanks everyone for the kind words and support! means alot =]

  4. She is just hot and sweet 🙂 we like to see more of you Nina

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