Bangalore Fashion Week, Summer Showers – Day 1

Designers Eddie & Simi – Maysa

Mia & Maple’s SS13 collection is an amalgam of modern age fabrics with most exquisite forms of traditional embroideries giving an edge to the label the international standards involving Indian elements making it wearable despite any age, elegant yet being minimalistic and trend focused. The label has concocted an extreme and immaculate character for this season’s collection

The designer quotes ” Today I would like to add a new chapter to my story, and it is one you who helped me to think springing me up from real life. I define my collection as being about “togetherness, beauty, friendship, and a journey.” In this journey MY muse is humanized.”

Designers Arpita, Komal, Sunita – Couture Fashion Next

Today, jute is popular around the globe not only for its strength and versatility but primarily for its eco-friendly qualities. In the lifestyle segment alone, jute is used for products designer apparel. Jute is bringing about a revolution in the fashion industry.

With jute fabrics, these designers have accessorized various items with appliqués, embroideries, patches, gems, beads and woods and these creative ideas with a fine touch-up adds a rustic charm. The colour palette of the range comprised shades of pastel and neon colors which were kept minimal for strong silhouettes to take centre stage.

Using fabrics such as softer cottons, georgette, chiffon, and linen along with jute, the golden fiber gives the collection it’s fresh, strong and feminine appeal fusing luxury with simplicity in a unique and adorable way. The range showcased dresses, tunics, coats and jackets which flaunt carefully constructed forms and also sported fabric textured designs in abstract geometric shapes.

Edgy, unique and eye catching this collection from Arpita, Sunita and Komal is perfect for the fashionista. It is definitely the next “in thing”.

Designer Priyanka Batra – Preevin

The collection consists of pleated patterns, 3D textures and exaggerated flowy silhouettes, highly inspired by the Egyptian era, mixing it with rich Indian culture

On a color pallet of ivory, black, shades of gold and a tinge of color is what the collection is all about using fabrics like tulle, silk georgette and chiffon. The collection is created with extreme attention to detail. Cuts are kept simplistic with an unusual twist to create drama.

Designer Pratiksha Hedge – Glitter Desert

Here’s bringing you a collection that takes inspiration from the designer’s passion for fashion. Fashion is like delicious dessert and worth to be savoured. It just gets better with a sprinkle of glitter. The designs are fast-paced and full of surprises and colours.

The collection includes outfits that are very dressy, glamorous and very feminine that is loved by the global women. The collection comprises of well tailored outfits with design details and cuts. Well fitted pencil fits to floor length outfits with a touch of cutwork embroidery. The outfits are just like desserts irresistible and once you see it you want it!

Designer Upasana – My own identity

Collections are inspired by different identities. The designer wanted to take this idea further and express it via animals by merging their textures, features and silhouettes together to create new fresh creatures which open up imaginations, intrigue and capture the viewers.  Each animal can be seen to have a personality and by mixing the different types a true individual can be expressed as each side of their character is expressed.

Every design is unique as each identity is also unique. The way of expressing our behavior and taste can be varied on the basis of clothing, facial expression and body posture.  The designer has tried to express her ideas on self-determination and freedom of thoughts through the designs. This is reflected through bold textures, flow of the garment and its silhouette.

Designer Rajneeral Babutta – Mystic Topaz

Under the Label Vhannah the designer skilfully manages the combination of refinement and sensuality, with exceptional fabrics and highly perfected detail. She strives to make fashion that is timeless in its elegance: to offer one clear example. Rajneeral’s known already for cutting the most perfect trench refraction qualities of the colourless topaz. Once completed, the stone will exhibit a rainbow-like quality. Traditional mystic topaz will offer a shimmering rainbow of blues, deep greens, purples, reds and gold. A number of colour variations are offered, Such colour variations include mercury mist, which offers a lighter, less intense colour spectrum; twilight mystic fire, which presents sparkling shades of gold, orange, and red; moon glow, which offers a mix of orange and teal reflections, as well as mystic green and java blue topaz

Designer Ambrish Damani:

Spring Summer Collection: Very fresh pastel shades, mostly about collage students.

It’s the collection inspired by Mughal darbari’s. It has Anarkali kurtas for women and bags for men.

Bold and Beautiful: Collection of colours like black, off white, red and aqua.

Designer Vandana Raj – KADAMBARI

The Spring / Summer collection 2013 will consist of breathtaking creations inspired from the theme “Journey of Life . These creations are amalgamation of colors –subtle cream base splashed with the vibrancy of crimson, ebony and gold. The impact is a marriage between simplicity and elegance.

A variety of stylish creations in “Sarees and Blouses” is just not to be missed, as it exhibits our core designing capability. The Vandana Raj Blouses, with cutwork embroidery, sweeping necklines, striking sequence work are classic  show stealers. Added to the ethnic glory, The show unfolded a range of “Western Outfits” that have a twist of the Indo-Western flavor and suitably customized for sparkling cocktail parties to formal wedding events. The fabrics used were amongst the finest chiffons, georgettes and self crepes along with hand crafted intricate works using Crystal Stones, Zardosi and Swarovski.  The costumes are for keeps and keep pace with the ever changing fashion.

Designer NIKI MAHAJAN – Under the Summer Sun

This collection takes inspiration from all things one enjoys under the Indian Summer. The complete opposite of the dark and grey winter, the collection is full of fluorescent and neon colors. Easy flowing silhouettes with extensive use of gossamer fabrics, like tulle, Chiffons and Georgettes, the collection consists of a juxtapose between opaque and transparent. Niki is famous for her signature block prints, a look she has incorporated in this collection.

Detailed matte neon sequins work in happy floral patterns have been artistically placed to create a fashion statement. The neon colors include Acidic Lime, Tanquery Orange, Lemony Yellow, Raspberry Pink all come together to celebrate this joyous collection.

This glamorous Event is Conceived, Promoted and Produced by Dream Merchants. Visit for more details

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