Blame, game and fame

Fashion has always been blamed as one of the main causes. Recently there is been a drastic change in the way fashion has always been looked up to. A small trend picked up by the fashion it self and a big step itself. The act of fashion repeating itself has stopped everyone from thinking new and different. The past is always back as we know from our history books, some of them who really hated history in their old-schools repeated history like never before to always reasons for an elderly lady to look up in fashion. There was no need to look back in to the past for inspiration if everyone were open for the new ideas. Some of the top publications had articles about how 30s was the new 20s and 40s were the new 30s. This was the solution for people trying to look young. The new idea was created, just to get back to the roots to understand where we stand from now in the future.

“Right words became the wrong words and the wrongs were only the true.”

Fashion created anorexia, which gave a major blow on the healthy looking women. Every one wanted to tone down, loose weight or go on strict diet. The rules of beauty might have changed completely neglecting the proportion of the body as defined by the fashion. The health of the kids went for a toss who got influenced by fashion models. Celebrities were made fun of by the media for being fat, a whole lot of pressure got created on the heads of the Fashion Crew. After racism comes this obsession of being thin tall and sexy, errr…. sexy? The word sexy is again was vaporized in the clouds of fashion to bring back the rain of sexiness a bit by bit slowly on the people. We know people have done anything and everything to look fabulous. Now after long a famine of flesh on the models comes the fight against anorexia: The curves are back in fashion, women with curves are flaunting the cover pages of the top magazine.

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