Designs are not created, it is already there, exists in the nature, a designer is the one who discovers, who solves the puzzle of nature to get that perfect design, one who does search all the possible Dimension. Presenting this season the collection “DIMENSION” an experimental, edgy, thematically – futuristic collection with sharp cuts and layering defining fashion from different co-ordinates. It’s a modern approach to the rigid architectural forms fused with flowing lines and curves. Showcasing as many as designs in monotone, a collection which leads fashion to a new dimension called “creativity”

 A collection done in sustainable and eco-friendly fabric comprising of linen and is perfect for Indian summers. The color is kept towards off white making the complete look and feel soothing. Constructions have an immaculate fit to give a customized feel to the clients. Silhouettes are elegant and abstract forms which add up to make the look work for all body types.


  1. Ashish Sahani says:

    thanks hemanth .. 🙂

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