VIKAS GROVER & KAMAL KOCHAR: Prismatic Polarization

Remember how much fun one would have had as a kid when one would have played dress-up in their  mother’s closet and – ever so creatively – combine her draped dressed with their favorite purple tights and somehow walk away looking absolutely fabulous? Well…so does our brand –Vikas & Kamal think. The glimpse of the rainbow inspired us and made us relate to transitional phases of different moods of a woman.

Playing off of that perfect partnership between youthful creativity and feminine maturity, the collection mixed sheer and dyed fabrics with playful colors and exotic styles to create the ideal image for the various transitional moods (which any young modern woman portray) to the prismatic color nurtured in the rainbow and thereby uniting these two worlds.

Sheer tie and dyed gowns paired with over cloaks, tops were paired with feminine skirts and net based embroidered element in them while draped dresses got the accessorizing with chunky belts. Every look however, no matter what the style or color combo, was finished off with playful accessories including colorful headgears and neck ornaments. A perfect pairing of pieces to tell the world   ‘never take yourself too serious as Seeing the spectrum of colors across the blue skies is a sight, few are lucky to witness! So, plan to witness which luxury color you get molded into.’

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