NIKITA VARMA: Luxurious Seascapes

The collection is inspired by the breeziness of a seaside, the shimmer of the ocean and sand as they glisten under the beautiful sunshine of a bright summer day or the exquisite skies of the setting sun. The blues and greens of seawater, the grey, browns, dusty mauves and muted pinks of sea stones and the shimmering golds and yellows of the golden sand and sun itself, inspire the colors used in the collection.  Hand-painted patterns and dégrade’ hues come from the unique natural patterns found in sea foams, sand and sandstone formations.

Silks in chiffon, georgette, satin and taffeta have been enhanced with exquisite hand painting to create beautiful patterns and ombre’ surface designs on fabrics. Pleating and ruching techniques combined with innovative draping and construction techniques have been used to create distinctive patterns.

Quote: Every NIKITTA creation embodies fashion and art in a harmonious combination and balance, to bring forth modern and innovative designs. The label emphasizes on perfect fit, impeccable construction and finish of garments. It also experiments with different and new fabrications, construction techniques and pattern constructions. The label strives to study different body shapes and create designs that enhance the beauty and confidence of the wearer

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