Bozena Carter: Spring Summer 2012

The spring summer 2012 collection is based on fusion of many cultures. She always like working with PVC, hessian and colors and there no exceptions in Spring Summer 2012. There are many twists with flaux fur, which again are her keys in the collection. There is a Victorian influence twisted with modern Japanese mixture and vibe indian colors.


  1. designed with no thought at all whatsoever???

    • Sorry, I disagree. I was there and this collection stood out by not being the same as what everyone else does.

    • bo carter says:

      there are plenty thoughts in my collection i can ensure you on that. looks like is just not your taste which is fair enough. Bo

  2. It was a great show overall Bo, Just that some ppl back here would fail to understand the concept used.

    I love the women jackets, they are so amazing 🙂

    • bo carter says:

      thank you. i totally understand, that’s why it so great that there are so many great designers and everyone can find what they like! its an amazing show overall with so many different designs and i love being part of it x

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