Global Cooling: The starry little winter story

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”

-Coco Chanel

The winter seems to be setting in with a chill running through the air. It’s a refreshing change after the soaking monsoons and the grey weather. The little tingling feeling felt after a ride in the cold night is all so welcome. With the festive cheer creeping slowly into our hearts we welcome winters with a warm hug. As we get ready for the winters by pulling out mittens and warmers from our wardrobes to be basked in the Indian sun, we shopaholics should also open our doors to the A/W trends doing big rounds this season.

Leather is one of the highlights of the season. Be it leather trimmings or overall leather coats, every designer has added a new visual to the face of leather. Be it Vuitton or Chole, the leather jackets simply created their own niche in the whole trend.

For all of us loving to add feminine spice to our clothes, have got our prayers answered. Puffy sleeves are as chic and sophisticated as we could have asked for. It adds that extra bit of class to your attire and makes you look a tad more chic.

Sheer is here to stay. With sheer being the consumers’ delight, it even made it to the A/W collection. Be it Galliano, Dior, Stella McCartney or Elie Saab, no one could resist the allure created by the sheerness of the dresses.

For all you pullover loving people colour blocking sweaters are back. I guess we still can’t get over the retro look. These colour blocking sweater are sure to take you back to the disco 70’s.

Blue is the colour of the season. We saw all the tints and shades of blue this season. From cool icy tones to deep royale blue its all in the A/W palette. With designers like YSL, Dior, Stella McCartney embracing this colour, I think it’s a colour hard to resisit.

With the vampire fever running high among teenage girls, this style saw itself coming. Capes were an answer to every attire that said ‘Complete Me’. It is stylish, chic and oh-so-very sophisticated. It sets in well with the modern day career women and it is an awfully stylish ‘accessory’ to carry to a cocktail party.

Peplum skirts saw a comeback during this season. This 40’s rage walked the ramp reviving the fashion of an era gone by. This flirty little dress gives you an hourglass figure and definitely make guys give a second look to you.

Fur is one of the highlights of a garment during the showcasing of the A/W collection. From collars to trimmings we saw a hint of fur here and there and sometimes everywhere.

Boots are a must when it comes to winters. The boots that has to be on your wardrobe or on your shopping list are the ones which end just a little below the knee. It goes with almost every kind of attire and is one of the must haves for the winter season.

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Archita @ Fashion Gagaa


  1. well its a nice insight into coming trends…. nice work 🙂

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