Recent Fads of Fashion?

The great re-cycle of the past

History in terms of inspiration is over used by designers and fashion forecasters always. For the longest time in history now, the designers have been referencing to various eras like 50s, 60s, 70s, now even edwardian and pre and post world-war ages as the source of inspirations and styles. Now we have reached a level where we feel the same as we used to in boring history lectures back in school. The concept of repeating history in fashion was to attract and create interest in older woman, but since our designers and great predictors ran out of ideas they started dwelling the dusty old magazines and history books again and again. Repeating history means we are not ready to grow up or think different. Where are those quibble bubbles, who always bursted out at every actions of designers? What happened to the media who created the new’s, old’s and the odds? All we need at this time is a cup of coffee and a great change in direction for fashion. We are not bored of our past but by the same alibi. This might take another revolution or an era to change, but deep in our hearts we believe that change is easy and change is the rule of life.

The cool Retros

The Classic Retros

We grew up  seeing our parents and grand parents dressed up in those cool fit and flared pants with big faded shades. Old is always needed to create the new. The transition is been very hard on us so we keep looking back in the wardrobes of our ancestors for new inspirations. The beauty of vintage and retros is no match in front of any new age styles at present. So everyone has their own alibi, hence we can call this as the classics in general. The strived perfection of that fit and patterns always remain in our hearts, as we kids grow up we still like to have the essence of our parents on us. Thus making them proud of us.

Retro fashions from the past

Retro is often confused with new age styles by quite few designers and stylist. In fact retro looks hold the key elements for the new age styles. Various looks in those days were actually defined when the new age styles were introduced, because what we know as retro were the new age styles which were ahead of time. So finally this defines the futuristic styles of past being identified and being used extensively in fashion now. We appreciate those designers who designed these styles keeping the future in mind. At some point there is always a big confusion with retro, because some usually define retro as anything that is old and famous.

Bollywood styles are essentially built through the retros, being influenced, inspired and introduced. The recent recalls of the past and the post of the golden ages has left us on a over dose trip of retro. The publications and forecasts used the words such as “Return to the roots”, “Blasts from the Pasts” and “Back to the future”.

Sonam and Kangana sporting various retro looks

 Tattoos are not FADS, it is a sub-culture.

The bodies defined gravity and the curves defined fashion. When the assets spoke of sensuality, the tattoos became the adornments of the beautiful souls like a lady wears her jewels. The beauty of tattoos is only understood by one who bears all the rare while it goes skin deep.

Tattoos have a origin based back to the early as the civilization’s beginning. Tattoo is the art of creating or drawing on the skin using pigments over punctured skin. Recently after the TV shows like Miami Ink & LA Ink, the popularity of tattoos boosted up. Recently a girl said to me that every other guy has a tattoo in a coffee shop. Tattoos are treated as the style quotient than a practice, but we strongly believe that tattoos are something that one believes and follows. Some people get tattoos to mark an important memory or occasion on their bodies and some get tattoos just because all their friends have. If you like tattoos go ahead get yourself one, you have all the rights to have one.

Chanel Temporary Tattoos, Spring 2010

Looking at the diversity of the tattoo lovers, Chanel introduced the fashion tattoos which are temporary, and can be changed as the fashion fades away. The temporary tattoos became a bit hit as they are trendy, cheap and easy to wear. Designers started experimenting with different patterns, shapes and colors. Now these tattoos comes with crystals, patterns, beads and with various logos in them. The fashion tribe has got even more powerful and happening with the tattoos. So show off that sexy body with the perfect tattoo on the perfect place for the perfect moment.

The Great Hippie Look

We are not sure if it is the idea of hippie culture or the freedom of dressing up which sells with this style. there is always something about hippies and gypsies which attract the designers and wearers. We have seen people sporting the dreads and locks in fashion. This is one look thats never out or in. The hippie look is from the bygone era of fashion has slowly become one of the classics that people would never get bored off. Everything points back to the hippie revolution, we still like the idea of freedom and the lifestyle what existed with this sub-cultures. And of course a few of us have become hippies now.

Editorial from Vogue Espana

For sometime major publications featured editorials in which models wore bohemian styles and hippie hair-do’s. few of the designers came up with new collections inspired by hippies. The accessories saw a great sales after the hippie element was introduced in them, in form of detailing, frays, medallions, buckles. The hair bands are the coolest till date among the crowd. A new fashion hippie exists among us now, who lives a fashionable happy life.

Hippie Head Bands

The hippie-celeb look

The hippie look being so famous and so perfectly stylish, we just look for occasions to sport this look. But the matter of the fact it is suitable for most of the people, most of the occasion and most of the climates. Now hippie look has reached a classic status in any wardrobe and fashion junkies wouldn’t need any reasons to change their styles.


© Fashion Slave…       Fashioning the past, the present and the future.


  1. very well written and a good read but somewhere the very first paragraph talks in reverse frm the rest of the article…. and the first paragraph i feel talks more frm your perception, many might share the same sentiment, but as an article, it needs to talk in 3rd person and with a global democratic view….. 🙂
    the choice of words and the placement of these words in the article has been done very wisely and i must say! the use of the language is impressive…..
    coming back to fashion…. well the pictures do very well philosophize the fact of the old trends being renovated to look new… and i do agree with you that till about the 80s and even predominantly 90s… fashion was more inventive than bein evolutionary but we have come to a point wherein being inventive and at the same point making it a selling point in the fashion business is very difficult mainly because…. in business loosers dont have a 2nd chance…. so either ur a winner or atleast running in the race ahead of most of them…. so designers who concentrate on the fact of making money rather than the passion of design and struggle…. tend to play carefully and wisely, inorder to make money, which has really taken out the fun out of being inventive…. why??? naturally ur risk doesnt know whether it will sell…. and u need money to eat food, impress a girl….. sashay around in the best cars…. and of course be famous….
    yet theres little hope…. thanks to some crazy fellows around….jean paul gaultier… vivienne westwood….the late alexander mcqueen…. hussain chalayan… kenzo… etc… and of course theres good ol me too 😀

  2. ventigo says:

    Nice article. well written and well explained……. Hope to see you guys on print soon 😉

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