Recall: A run away princess – Audrey Hepburn

Raised by her mother in England and the Netherlands, the multi-lingual Hepburn grew up far away from the bright lights of Hollywood, but showed an early interest in the stage. In 1949, she made her London stage debut as a chorus girl in High Button Shoes. After a string of walk-on film roles, Hepburn was picked to play the lead in the Broadway show Gigi. Hollywood beckoned, and in 1953 she was thrust into the limelight with her turn as a runaway princess in Roman Holiday.

Graceful and elegance  is what colours Audrey Hepburn. She moved like a ballet dancer and the camera could not resist her charismatic looks, slender figure, aristocratic manners and graceful movements, representing not only a new look but also a new femininity. The elegant Audrey was the complete opposite of some of her contemporaries as Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, because, by fifties standards, she was too tall and too skinny and her pixie cut made a mark in the history of fashion which is inspired fashion legends like Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Emma Watson.

Her timeless beauty made a mark in the fashion industry with her slender figure where in she accentuated  sophistication, glamour with innocence and fragility in her style. In 1953 she formed a fashion alliance with Hubert de Givenchy, one of the most successful alliances in fashion history. Givenchy noted that “her measurements have not changed an inch in thirty-five years.” The “little black dress” from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, was sold at a Christie’s auction on the 5th of December 2006, for £467,200. 

 I probably hold the distinction of being one movie star who, by all laws of logic, should never have made it. 
Audrey Hepburn
Her simplicity and elegance brought her a long way not just as an actress  but as a LEGEND. Beauty is subjective and it all depends on the taste, but it seems there are some common standards that can not be contested. What is beautiful and natural is still able to conquer the world: Audery Hepburn


  1. very informative and one things for sure, no matter how much we write about such legends…. it never is enough…. an ode to the legend… 🙂

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