Recall: A sex symbol of the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe ♥

She’s Bold. She’s Confident. She’s Unmistakable. She’s a Statement. The golden blonde of the golden ages, who wooed the audience by her sexy image.

The woman who wooed the heart of the great JFK, the president of the United States of America, featured on the very first edition of Hugh Hefner’s “playboy”  magazine, the woman who was not frightened of controversies , her immortality and sensuality is what makes her exceptional and a GODDESS  of  STYLE,  Marilyn Monroe. The world was astounded with her elusive life style and gave some of the best and most flummoxing quotes. The world was blown away every time she made an appearance. Her unique feminine rather revealing outfits made a impact on young women and the society, lovely gowns, beautiful pencil skirts and pin-up outfits made Marilyn a fashion icon.  She had a style of her own which is inspired by many beauties like Anna Hathaway and Drew Barrymore.  It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan idolizes the iconic blonde bombshell. The starlet channeled Marilyn Monroe for a Spanish Vogue pictorial shot by photographer Alix Malka in the Hollywood Hills for the magazine’s August issue 2009.

The seven year itch – The film that contains Marilyn’s most famous scene – standing over a subway grate with her skirt flying in the air was also one of her most succesful comedies. She got so identified by that photo through out history around the world.,

44years after her death marks the release of Vogue contributor Bert Stern’s new book, Marilyn Monroe: The Complete Last Sitting. Marilyn Monroe’s sex-goddess image—the platinum locks, the beauty mark, the ripe figure—continues, unabated. For proof that she’s never really died in the popular imagination. She is still remembered, embraced and inspired years after her mysterious death.



  1. She is a legend I’d say…. Its gud to know that you recall the fashionistas of the past 🙂

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