Wendell Rodricks – Fashion on waters

On a beautiful saturday evening, on the pool of The Park Hotel we sat in the front row waiting for waves of fashion to begin. It was long-awaited evening a fashion show by one of the great minimalist of India, a Goan based designer Wendell Rodricks. With the show themed as “Fashion On Waters”, the show had some of the very beautiful top models of Bangalore such as Pallavi Singh, Jackie Shetty, Vibinta Verma, Prianka Diwan, Niharika Nag, Faith Gloria Pandey, Krithika Babu, Parto Gohari and not to forget our all-time favorite Pashmeena Barker.

Pashmeena and Faith were the first faces of initial sequence. The show opened with these beautiful ladies dressed up in black & white transparent cape-top and bikini with hot pants. Followed by other models there was a strong influences of mystic play of black and whites in the first sequences. It featured unique cuts, A lines, off shoulders, drapes asymmetrical hems, flared sleeves, tie-ups and quite some transparencies I’d say comfort and wearability were the main features of this collection.

After the black & White collection, Came the flirty vivacious collection. With Pallavi Singh as the opening, a slight drama of flirting with the ramp created an aura of the playfulness and beauty. The models sizzled in colorful flirty paneled short dresses with racer backs and straps. As the long-legged beauties were walking the ramp we could feel the heat building up from the front row in spite of ramp being on the pool.

The colorful trippy finale sequence started with Jackie in a pink short dress with wavy spiral necklines. The collection was very strong, bold, sexy and colourful. Later we saw some of the garments with Black backless halters on Jackie and Pashmeena, the long black dress on Kritika followed by few bohemian dresses. The show ended with Pallavi Sigh in heavenly silky white free-flowing gown which dragged the water along when she walked the ramp like goddess which left audience with nothing but admiration. Later the models were joined by the pink-shoed designer in his red pants and black jacket. There was a loud applause of admiration and his fans screamed his name, Wendell thanked every one with a lovely smile on his face.

 CLICK HERE for more photos from the show.

To check out more photos from this fashion show CLICK HERE

Wendell Rodricks in Pink Shoes & Red Pant

Wendell Rodricks with models


  1. Beautiful.. Looks like wendell is expanding his horizons…. I envy u guys who got to see his show.

  2. Nageeshwar says:

    well the setting, the ladies….. the crowd and the place…!!! jus perfect!!! but the most important thing…. the designs….!!! iv lost words…. i mean nothing much to say and dont want to say that i want to say either… hes a big man…!!! good going 😉

  3. Thanks for the comments guys… In deed he is a big man in pink shoes 🙂

  4. Wow, such amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.

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