One can barely think of what is happening around him when he sees a woman in a motorcycle jacket taking off her helmet. YES! This season THE BIKER LOOK is back. The motorcycle jacket in 2011 needs to be much more of a statement piece and so it goes that it’s not merely about an overused cut and simple black colour. In fact, the colors always looks better than blacks.

Of course the inspiration is dragged from the cliché leather look with zips well sewed together. But one has a wide range of variety to look for this season. Two toned leather jackets, silver jackets, sued with save play coloured jackets, zippy motorcycle jackets sleeves to your regular look to add on, motorcycle jacket tailored with subtle quilt and zips and a lot more which might just blow your mind.

So buckle up and kick some dirt girls. We are rocking this season.!


  1. Nageeshwar C says:

    i dont know if the world is ready to accept this trend yet or not….???

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