A single piece of magic…

They say that history repeats itself, so does fashion. Dwelling into an era gone by, reviving what once seemed lost, inspiring looks and timeless charm is what is defining today’s fashion scenario. It has been a while since the fashion gurus have been harboring into the fashion of the past decades. The strings attached to the second half of the 20th century are too strong to be cut off. Be it the bell bottoms, wide legged pants or the jumpsuits. I guess we just can’t get enough of the fashion from the era, gone by.

Elvis Presley the fashion icon set some very popular rules for fashion which was not only followed but worshipped by people around the world. The ‘Aloha Eagle’ and the ‘Mexican Sundial’ jumpsuit is what brought a wave of acceptance to jumpsuits. It was now not only a part of stage shows and science fiction movies. It slowly leaked into mainstream fashion dissolving its limitations and offering its designs for both the genders.

The very idea of a jumpsuit being showcased as futuristic garment as well as it being inspired from the past is what makes the jumpsuit irresistibly appealing. Jumpsuits have been ruling the fashion charts from the past two years now. Morph yourself into a glam doll like Jennifer Lopez or Heidi Montag or brace your inner feminity like Sushmita Sen or Priyanka Chopra. Flirt with Style like Sonam Kapoor or Kate Bosworth. Jumpsuits are the answer to all.

It is one of the safest options to opt for, as it has been in style for quite some time now and is still one of the season’s favourite. . The amount of variations one single piece of garment can offer will make one swoon. Jumpsuits come in all lengths from upper thighs to ankles. It provides a plush array of off shoulders, halter necks, noodle straps and sleeved designs.

It can be worn by females with different body types. Girls with a little flab here and there can wear the slightly loose fitting jumpsuit, whereas tall and slender girls can wear thigh length jumpsuits with plunging necklines and the petite ones can wear off shoulder fitting jumpsuits ending a little below their knees. You can also wear a jacket with it to mark it your as your personal style.

You can accessorize the jumpsuit with a belt and a neckpiece (preferably something with a locket). As for shoes you can carry it off with sandals or heels depending on the jumpsuit.  Wear jumpsuits of a single colour and avoid patterns or prints because it will leave you looking like a wallpaper.

So pry open your eyes and morph yourself into a summer delight.

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  1. Nageeshwar says:

    well jump suits are not the answer to it all…!!! i MUST SAY..!!!
    but other than that its quite eye opening to see jump suits back in trend…. its definitely futuristic and very very techno or casual or even tomboyish… almost like that brat princesses in teenage vogue… but a fortyish wearing jumpsuits..!!! Grow UP!!! its time….!!!
    i dont agree with it being feminish and being the answer to all…. but definitely it has its own look…. and bringing the 20s and the 80s/90s jumpsuits with a twist back in trend is definitely like ice cold lemonade in summer…. its fresh, hep, casual, easy and very very everyday….. 🙂

  2. Nageeshwar says:

    and sonam kapoors look is really drab…. and blue!!! why is she trying to be oh so spotted in the crowd… almost shouting LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME….

  3. Thanks for sharing your views..i’ll keep it in mind for reference.. 🙂

  4. nice one…. jumpsuits are so sexy if they are kept short and sweet. http://bit.ly/ez9KJN

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