B-Town Beauties with no make-up.

Make-up always had a major influences on the show business. A person can look totally different, young, old, bad, good or beautiful. Beauty has become a induced element in a woman than what actually exists. We live in a world obsessed with cosmetics and beauty products. These products are not good for us nor good for the environment, especially hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, colors, serums.. etc. These products are made using hazardous chemical processes, some of these chemicals get deposited in our body, some are harmless and some are very toxic. The toxic levels in human body and environment has increased drastically over years since the industrial revolution. Due to extensive use of chemical shampoos by women & men around the world the water bodies are fearing pollution and death.

The only solution to avoid this is using herbal products, it’ll not only save you from the effect of harmful chemical but also saves the world from being polluted. The chemicals show an immediate result after the wash, but the herbal products show a permanent and long lasting results after usage over a period of time. Many people have lost hair over time by using chemicals, some women develop rashes by using various beauty products. Its time for us to decide on which side we want to fall chemicals or the herbals. For more information about the cosmetics and their effects please visit  WWW.SAFECOSMETICS.ORG. Your support can create a difference.

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Image source: Yahoo.com


  1. well atleast the article enhances the importance of make up 😀

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