Super Models with no make-up.

The role of make-ups in beauty exists deep in the well-unknown frequency of fashion. Always minimal make-up creates a fine balance between reality and beauty. A change is always gud if there is a regular trims of the hair too. We have heard stories of girls who looked real different and more winning, when the cut is small. Hair-do plays a major role in the looks of the women, let it free or tie-it harder or cut it short.

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  1. Nageeshwar C says:

    nice…. eye opening for a lot of ppl but dont u think its a backlash on our industry and eventually us??? posting out our own little secrets???? very short and sweet blog but a very well framed set f words….. but still i dont approve of giving out our little secrets….. after this finding models might become difficult as this would scare away the wannabe models 😉

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