In the woods

As we live in urban concrete jungles its such a sad scene always with very less trees around, we actually tend to forget the beauty of nature. The air is polluted and filed with dust, Its always noisy because of the never ending traffic jams and honking.

The woods are a beautiful location to make photographs, its pleasant, fresh and beautiful. The sound of the birds, the smells of the flowers and the beautiful butterflies, we really miss them bad don’t we? The nature is always been the subject of a lot of photographers in the past. We can still listen to the stories of those wild life photographers, who have spent weeks in the dense forests to get that shot of wild animals. But since we have a different approach towards photography, this is one of our beautiful shoots in the woods, believe it or not there is no dangerous animal than a beautiful woman in woods.

Photography by Hemanth Narayana



  1. Beautiful photos, I just love the location.

  2. well as a fashion photographer you must learn to appreciate the beauty of dust and gravel too, the urban colors of cement grey covered by the orange of morning grey is another piece of beauty too.. its mans creations against god… and as a photographer you need to identify the beauty in dirt too. sorry to say but i find this post too artistic, appreciate the beautiful photographs though…. they definitely are beautiful and yes the woods definitely have an aura around them to attract but dont get seduced by it…. 😉 remember the sailors who turned to pigs by the witch who seduced them into her lonely island??? refer to stories frm sindbad the sailor or the tales of ulysses…

    • Well Nags, we do appreciate the beauty of ugly and dirty things “but” this story is based on the beauty of the nature and role of women in that, nature and women are both mothers as well. We love the beauty of women and we always appreciate it. Even the criminal negativity in a women is sexy. You shall soon see the dirt and shit beautiful stories in our future posts. stay tuned for more. I hope now it makes sense to your thoughts

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