Height barrier in Fashion

The ramps are always filled with long legs walking around reason being its a practice thats been followed since ancient times and women always wanted to look taller and sexier. Usually any designer explains that the reason behind tall models used in fashion is because there is a lot of space where more designs can be incorporated and also the visibility matters when it comes to ramp shows. This doesn’t mean fashion is only for tall women or only tall women can wear designer clothes.

Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, who is about 5’2 or 5’3, Eva Longoria (5’2 or so) or Natalie Portman ( 5′ 3″)in spread look amazingly FABULOUS and the only reason being that they have earned their status as a celebrity much before they could be featured on the cover page. Short girls are usually not considered the only reason being shorter girls might not look good in clothes is because currently, the fashion industry cuts clothes for women who are approximately 5’7 or 5’8. But this does not hold a short girl back from the industry. Shorter models are frequently seen modelling for accessories, shoes, jewerly, and are seen in ads and commercials modeling lifestyle products. Everything from skin care to cleaning products to cell phones. Everything depends on how much homework the girl has done and also the right way of marketing herself in the industry with her pictures. Even AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL featured an entire season of young girls to step into the wonderful world of fashion who are not above 5’6″. Fashion has opened its arms to every woman out there to be a part of this splendid industry



  1. aishwarya! says:

    OMG!! Awesome work..! gud goin.. 🙂 and very interesting though! 🙂

  2. long models arw prefered on the ramp cos, the taller the figure, the more a design is visible… thats why tall people are prefered on ramp whereas for shoots and tv or print media the person can be covered as a whole and as a photographer im sure you know there are angles where you can make them look taller or there also requirements wherein we need to more concentrate on a particular detail or only a part of the whole, so short models work fr such areas, and in print or tv media we look for beauty and figure rather than just height cos people are continuesly looking at them not being too conscious on the height…. whereas on ramp a person is seeing the designers garment over a walking and smiling mannequin…. so height is important here,the more the height, the better the visibility of the design….

    • Nags, We do understand your designers views, but thats what has been mentioned in the first few lines of the post, review it 🙂 but perspective angles and photographs have their own beauty and uses other than faking heights for models. Hope our reply make it clear enough about what we are discussing 🙂

  3. also tv or print media, a person is seen for his/her beauty quotient…. so height is not the priority here but yes dwarfs are not welcome until a requirement is thre for them… 🙂

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