Photographing Fashion

“Fashion photography is not about making a beautiful photograph; it is about creating a feel of fashion through photographs. A fashion photograph is a real life illustration of the design that has feelings, emotions and expressions. A detailed understanding of the design is very crucial when it comes to commercial fashion photography.“

Everyone thinks they can make good photographs, yes I agree with it . If you have a good camera obviously the quality of image is good. The last thing its even better if you have a good subject. Fashion photography is not anything related to these. I’ve seen photographers who try very hard ways to create a beautiful photograph spending ample amount of time. But I’d say in this profession, time is always more valuable than money. Time becomes your investment and money is just a necessity and its not always about making money.

If you just make a good photograph it may be appealing but a good photograph does not sell the product. A fashion photograph may or may not be a good photograph if its doing the job of selling. I’ve often seen people who use effects to create interest on their products but I don’t think its a fashion photographers job to do. If the photographer know what he/she is doing the results are outstanding, let me be very clear here its not about using a supermodel, not about using a high end camera, not about the location or the lighting. In fashion its not about what you do, its always about who you are. Think about how much time and money the designer would have invested to create that beautiful dress, think about the research the stylist would have done for the shoot. Think about the time and money spent by the beautiful model to stay fit and maintain the body, also think about how much effort and time the make-up artist has put into the make-up done on the model. End of the day if you still like creating beautiful photographs, this is a question to ask yourself ” are you a fashion photographer?


  1. this is a gud1, also an eye opener for many.. people dont know the differences

  2. nice one, I know tori black stands for the gud photography you are talking about 🙂

  3. hmmm…… defining the fine line between bein an artist and a professional….. nice…!!!! but sometimes to a certain extent i thnk one should have some amount of artistic skill too…..

  4. aishwarya! says:

    awesum work… gud goin! i find it very interesting though 🙂

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